Attention Amazon Sellers: Learn The One Lie That Is Keeping You From Creating Profitable FB Ads

If Facebook Ads don’t seem to work for your Amazon business, then watch the time sensitive video below...

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Let’s debunk and disprove a widespread myth, a myth so dangerous that it’s forcing you to ditch Facebook Ads, even though they could be, one of the most profitable sources of traffic for your business on Amazon.

That myth is: “Your ad creative is the most critical part of the success of your campaign.”

Whether this is because they honestly believe that or not, I am unsure, but I am sure the information is wrong.

Even in Facebook Ads Manager, when you first start creating a new campaign, one of the very first things Facebook asks you is if you want to A/B test your creative.

All this leads to you spending a lot of money testing your ad creative until one day you say “Facebook Ads don’t work for Amazon sellers,” and quit using them.

But the real truth of running successful ads is...

“IT’S NOT THE AD CREATIVE! It’s the quality and relevance of an audience that you’re targeting that makes your ad campaign work!”

About a half a century ago, some sharp marketers figured out something interesting.

After millions of dollars spent testing every part of the promotion available and analyzing their winners and failures - back when there was no internet - they realized that in a successful campaign:

  • 40% of the success will depend on the quality and the relevance of the list they’re promoting to - a.k.a. the targeting.
  • Another 40% will depend on the offer presented to that audience.
  • And only 20% of the success will be attributed to the creative execution - meaning your copy, your images, your format.

In other words, if you hit the audience and the offer, and you miss the creative side with a bad ad, your campaign still has a HUGE 80% chance to succeed.

I don't know about you, but I will always focus the majority of my time and money where 80% of the results are coming from, vs 20%.

As an Amazon seller, if you’ve chosen your product based on proper criteria and you’ve optimized your listing correctly, then you already have a good offer.

You know that people want what you’re selling. You know what to say and show in your ad. But up until this point, you had no one to teach you the most important part of WHO to target with your ad. That’s where we’re going to help you.

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SellerPro 6-Part Facebook Ads Mastery Series For Amazon Sellers

With this brand new series, our secret “Facebook Ads Weapon” Manol Georgiev will be walking you through everything you need to know to gain mastery over FB Ads for your physical products business on Amazon.

Manol is a real Facebook Ads expert who has managed millions upon millions on ad spend for e-commerce stores, SaaS companies, and, here’s the best part, for Amazon sellers like you!

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Along with Successful Amazon Seller Mike McClary, we are personally using Manol right now to help us run some aggressive underground Facebook experiments on both of our real-life Amazon businesses.

These experiments are designed to help us understand what strategies work, which ones DO NOT and we want to share this all with you.

You see, Manol is our “secret” weapon when it comes to creating high-converting Facebook Ads, and in this Facebook Ads Mastery Series For Amazon Sellers, you will learn:

  1. The Two Pillar Growth Strategy: How To Simplify FB Audience Segmentation To Boost Your Returns
  2. Remarketing Mastery: How To Double Your Sales And Halve Your FB Ad Costs Using Simple Retargeting & Custom Audiences
  3. The Positive Scale Strategy: How To Scale Your FB Ads Without Losing Money
  4. Steal And Deploy: The Hacker’s Guide To ETHICALLY Spy, Optimize And Model Your FB Competitors Ads
  5. High-Value FB Target Method: Acquire Customers Who Spend More While You Spend Less
  6. Cracking The FB Ad Budget Code: The Secret Bidding Strategy Responsible For Drastically Reducing Cost Per Purchase, so you can Stretch Your Ad Budget And Make More Sales!

In addition to the Facebook Ads Mastery Series, you’ll also get access to our…

Underground Amazon Traffic Experiment Lab

This lab is where, Manol, Mike McClary, and I run traffic experiments with our own businesses, and our products, to see what works and what's not working for Amazon sellers right now.

We dedicate $5,000 each month in ad spend, to ensure we are giving our tests a solid chance for success.

And in this exclusive offer, you get to peek behind the curtains of our lab and see the cutting-edge, actionable strategies we are implementing and the results they are achieving.

We share with you...

  • The goal of the campaign.
  • The strategy that we implemented.
  • How we tested audiences.
  • What type of ads we used.
  • The results that we get and the learnings from it.
  • How we optimized and tried to improve the results.
  • And whether we recommend the strategy for Amazon Sellers or not.

All designed so you can stop guessing at what works and see the results for yourself.

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